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Raster to Vector


Illustration Description:  The Center (Above, the glowing circle) or Singularity represents the One. The Second center at the convergence of the two red lines represents the first iteration or the Two.

Android Application Project Notes & Next Steps:

Converting all Grids, Signatures, & Watermarks to Vector including QR Vectoring
Considering a computational, cross platform standard of the Golden Cut in Pixels, versus Inches.
Keeping the binary process in mind:   1.1001111000110111011…

Understanding the First Cut

The above illustration is a flashcard to remember the Symbols for this basic distinction between when the lowercase form (φ) is used. Sometimes, the uppercase form (Φ) is used for the reciprocal of the golden ratio, 1/φ.[11]

Converting the graphic types to Vector will make them not only scalable, but also compatible with the way technology and electricity compute mathematics,  thus defining the pulse of nature in modern networks, and applying them towards living philosophies.

Furthermore, this project can be summarized as an engine to produce philosophically accurate art, scalable in virtually any medium.  A secondary use is to measure objects in the environment and record the data photographically.  Here is an example of the measuring tool, below:  I have confirmed that the Golden Ratio Calipers made out of wood are accurate by resizing the Golden Grid with on screen gestures before taking the photo.


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