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Elephant Guano Research and Garden Center Retailers


Are you thinking about trying some Elephant Compost in your home or commercial garden, but you are undecided, and need more information?

Check out thisgreat article on compost, calledManure Matters  Be sure to read the “Bottom Line” at the end of the post.. 

Another good article from the Savvy Gardner: Kansas City Zoo and Elephant Compost.  My overall favorite on-line discussion about the merits of elephant manure in the garden is at

I also learned that the LA Zoo may provide this dung as well. 

Are you a central fl Retailer, looking for wholesale prices?

Contact Us!  Discounts may be available for large quantities or multiple orders.

Here are what the bags look like:

2014-05-16 09.48.45[2]

Here is what 1.3 cubic yards looks like:


Here is more info:


Let me know if I can be of service to you!

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