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Do you have books, CDs or DVDs lying around gathering dust?



  Do you have books, CDs or DVDs lying around gathering dust? Almost all of us do. Until recently, your choices for getting rid of them were pretty limited. You could sell them online or to used dealers for pennies on the dollar, or simply give them away. We have a much better solution! Why not join the“Best Swapping Sites in America” for FREE? Here’s how it works: Go to our family of web sites and list books (paperback, hardback or audio), CDs and DVDs that you no longer want. We’ll even give you free credits to help you get started. Credits can be used to order books, CDs or DVDs from our huge selection of titles on all three sites (largest of all swap sites on the Internet). You’ll earn more credits when other

members request your items and you send them out. You’ll pay the postage to ship your items to other members, but others will return the favor and send your selections postage paid! 4,542,613+ Books 315,944+ CDs 188,166+ DVDs Member Angel H. from Cedar Hills, Utah says… “I love this site! I have been a member for over a year and have saved a TON of money by trading instead of buying books. I have never received a book that wasn’t in excellent shape — many actually look unread! I love the Wish List system and currently have several yet-to-be-published titles on my Wish List so they are sent to me as soon as copies hit the system!”

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