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What would you do if Paypal shut you down

SUBJECT: Do You Have Full Control?

Have you ever sat back and looked at your online business and
saw how venerable you are?

You might not think it, but when running an online business we
tend to forget how easy it is for someone to shut us down… For

If you do email marketing as a main point of your business, what
would happen to you if your Autoresponder shut your account down?

Do you have a backup of your list? Do you have somewhere you can
import it and email to it right away? Most people don’t…

Another example:

Do you use Paypal to take payments on your website? What would
you do if Paypal shut you down (and we know this happens ALOT)?

Most people don’t have a back up payment processor, well it’s time
you pulled your finger out and got one… Simple Credit Card Payments
allows you to use Paypal & to take your payment with

Find out more about how it will help you:


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