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Recurring Payments A Problem?

Are you having problems taking recurring payments with
Paypal? Whilst they say they are the best solution for taking
online payments have you seen how hard it is to get a “stable”
account with them?!?

In 5 minutes they can shut down your entire business if they
feel something isn’t right, no explanation, no notice, they can
literally shut you down right now!

So what’s your backup plan if that happens? You could potentially
lose thousands of dollars in profits if Paypal shut you down, your
recurring payments would finish, and it’s unlikely people would do
business with you again if you asked them to set their membership
payments up again…

Again I ask you, “What’s your backup plan?”… The answer is simple,
you need to get yourself a copy of Simple Credit Card Payments so
you can take recurring payments using this simple WordPress plugin

Get your copy at:


Set up your backup plan today, before it’s too late for one…


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