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Fiddle Jam Institute

Take a Walk on the Wild Side of the Violin/Fiddle Worlds!


Learn the American Cornerstone styles of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, and all their many hybrids like… Bluegrass, Cajun/Zydeco, Gypsy, Folk, Latin, Celtic/Irish, Old-Time, R&B, Funk, Punk, Heavy Metal …even Rap, HipHop, and Reggae!… via 24/7 access to an ever expanding internet-based archive of lesson materials, developed by Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry, creator of the Fiddle Jam Method and author of the Hal Leonard Corporation’s book & CD entitled “Fiddle Jam, a way-cool easy way to learn how to improvise!”


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Fiddle Jam Institute


Symphony Pro or New-Bee Jammer… Something for Every Player!


No matter whether you are a seasoned symphony pro looking to get “off the page,” or a 1st year near-beginner “New-Bee” Jammer who wants to experience the “Joy of the Jam,” the Fiddle Jam Institute can take you there, giving you the skills, experience, and know-how for a lifetime of opportunity and jamming FUN, in a way that the Classical-only music education simply cannot do!


Fiddle Jam Institute

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