2014-05-29_18-18-23_thumb1This compost is processed in an Open Air Facility, and may contain oak leaves, pine needles, and other natural or wild ingredients.  Our facility is constructed out of recycled or repurposed materials. 

This garden amendment is hand sifted (if purchased by the bag) with care to bring you the best compost from a vegan animal.  Make sure your compost comes from animals that have names, not numbers!!

All compost is aged between 1 and 3 years, and reaches temperatures in the range of 130-160+ degrees F.   Use this compost to build your soil biodynamics.

Warning & Disclaimer:  Use this product at your own risk.  Like all other compost products, it is best to use gloves, protective clothing, and a mask when handling and applying this item.  This product is sold “As Is.”  Adult application only.

Pachyderm compost, in my opinion, is one of the best animal/dung based compost products available in the North Central FL region.  The only one that is better is vermicompost, but that is not a cost effective or viable option if you need to fill a raised bed or need to use it in larger scale operations.

2014-04-24_10-03-56_thumbIf you are using other animal compost products, are they from Factory Farmed animals?  Compost from factory farmed cattle, chicken, and other livestock may be severely contaminated with persistent pesticides, fungicides, bad vibrations, hormones, and other things that are disagreeable.  Are you sure the animals are eating a diet that is natural for its species, i.e. cows eating corn versus grass, or even cows eating cows (ever heard of bovine spongiform encephalopathy)?  This is true even if the product is called “Organic,”  because the sale of manures is basically unregulated. 

Let’s also consider the ethical ramifications of supporting the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) culture, even if it is from the “back end.”

Contact us for more information on the Institute of Food and Science Soil Lab Test Results for Elephant Compost.

Please Donate generously to help fund further scientific research into the use of elephant compost for produce production in sub-tropical climates


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We currently have two bag sizes, a smaller burlap and a larger sand bag.  This is sold not by weight, but by volume at the time of packaging and some settling may occur.

There are many creative uses for the burlap bags.  You could make compost tea, use the bag itself as a container (and then plant it directly in the garden when ready to transplant)


Prices subject to change without notice depending upon availability, quality, demand, or other factors.


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