Delivered Elephant Compost


When delivered, the Elephant compost is piled high in a Ford Ranger.  The dimensions of the truck are listed above.  You will actually receive more than this because we pile the compost into a mound in the back of the truck.  If you are not interested in buying bulk, we do also have this product available by the bag.  Contact us for more information!


Here is the map of our delivery range (within the green circle).  The closer you are to Gainesville, the less expensive the compost will be.  Prices are subject to change without notice, but the current price per truckload is between $60.00-$85.00.  If you are in Greater Gainesville, the price is 60.00.  This price includes unloading your compost into a pile with a pitchfork.  Cash is preferred, but we do accept Paypal and Credit Cards.


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